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It is now more than 25 year our office has been at our costumers' disposal.

We deal with the interceding, buying and selling, evaluation and letting of flats,
detached houses, shops, out-buildings, cottages, fields, etc.

We have contracts with several banks, thus we can be at our customers' help
with the administratorship of loans and professional advisors to aid them in the process.

We are processing the judicial advisorment, signing of contracts, land registration with
the involvement of proper and qualified lawyers.

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9600 Sárvár, Rákóczi u. 22.
Tel./Fax: 06-95/322-489
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Special Offers

Detail Price : 7,90 millió Ft
Land space : 1 430,00 m²
Amenities :
Detail Price : 53,00 millió Ft
Living space : 170,00 m²
Land space : 500,00 m²
Amenities : Duplagarázs, Műhely, Raktár, Klíma, Terasz, Belterület
Detail Price : 69,00 millió Ft
Living space : 261,00 m²
Land space : 550,00 m²
Amenities : Raktár, Klíma, Terasz, Belterület